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Going about becoming exclusive with someone isn’t the same as it used to be back in the day (yeah, yeah, I’m aging myself, so what).Nowadays, even if you see someone all of the time, date one another, only date each other, and spend all your time and effort communicating with each other, you still can’t assume that you’re exclusively dating or in a relationship.Therefore, many times people wait to become exclusive until they’ve dated for awhile.Having said that, if two people have an open heart, are baggage free, emotionally available, and both totally digging each other, any time after If someone really wants to be with a person, they’ll make things happen, and they’ll likely even do so in an orderly, enthusiastic, and normal way.When someone really likes you, they never want to risk losing you by dating other people or by having you date others either.

When it comes to becoming exclusive with someone that you met in an online dating site or swiping app, etc., you should both deactivate after 3 dates with each other.

The conversation needs to be had (I learned the hard way). But for all others, and I know that many people have yet to learn this, the conversation must be had, and never assumed. Have a conversation about exclusivity after a certain point of dating.

If you’re the person that’s wanting to be in an exclusive relationship with someone, and the other person definitely likes you, but still wants to play the field and date others, you need to make a decision that’s going to be best for you.

Do you really want to sit there while they date other people for weeks upon weeks or months upon months while your feelings are developing solely for them?

were the one who’s dating someone exclusively and they’re out there playing the field still, your feelings are likely going to be developing for them.

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