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More importantly, this experience was now available to Nova Scotians themselves, and to their neighbours in the next-door provinces.People who had never thought of taking a vacation before, now used their family car to travel for a day or a week, exploring unfamiliar parts of the province, and staying in a variety of new accommodations catering to people on the move like themselves.The occupancy rate increased by 5 percentage points to 62%.

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Lawrence, and able to afford the rail or steamship fares to get here, and then the outlay required for a summer in the woods or at a coastal resort. Suddenly, anyone from anywhere could come to Nova Scotia, drive around easily, stay wherever they wanted, do what they liked doing, and remain for as long as they wished.Nova Scotia welcomed an additional 14,000 non-resident visitors in October 2017, an increase of 8% from October 2016.October saw growth in visitation by both air ( 14%) and road ( 4%). It is no fun eating alone, professional man just looking to make new friends. Me and my twin sister are sick of fake friends and are looking for new people to meet and socialize with that are interested in the same things as us! Or someone wanting to start a group and show us the ropes. I would like to have someone join me for breakfast, are you hungry?

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