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This is for those times when you know the person, already have some kind of relationship with them and now you are wondering if dating makes sense.

First dates do have consequences and you should take the time to make sure you are making a good decision.

So I made a checklist of all the qualities I’m looking for in a significant other. I’m sure I can find someone who fits all the criteria.

” In other words, do you have a list of preferences that you “check off” to determine if someone is date-worthy?

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mourning the fact that my perfect marriage date has passed.

But physical preferences should be wants not needs and knowing the difference between the two is crucial.

For example, it’s okay to want someone with supermodel looks, but that shouldn’t be a need or a deal-breaker.

If dating this person could cause a whole string of repercussions at work, or if going out with the person would put your friends or family through major turmoil you should carefully think through the decision of whether a first date makes sense or not.

e Harmony Labs has developed a brief First Date Checklist to help you think through the decision to date or not to date.

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