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Topologi XML Judge , a Windows application for validating an XML document against a variety of schema languages, including RELAX NG. Yggdrasill/Es Terra RELAX NG validator (in Japanese) Trang, multi-format schema converter based on RELAX NG. The Sun RELAX NG Converter is a tool to convert schemas written in various schema languages to their equivalent in RELAX NG.

The user types a WXS schema in this web form, and gets a RELAX NG schema with the convert button. Instance To Schema, a tool to generate a RELAX NG schema from XML instances.

RELAX NG was based on TREX designed by James Clark and RELAX Core designed by MURATA Makoto. Provides many other features useful for processing data described by a RELAX NG schema. It is based on an XSLT stylesheet written by Eric van der Vlist. Can generate a collection of Java classes from a RELAX NG schema along with code to create instances of those classes from XML and vice-versa. By embedding code fragments in the grammar like yacc or Java CC, you can take appropriate actions while parsing valid XML documents against the grammar. Allows any RELAX NG schema to be used to guide editing. Proof of concept implementation of the idea of embedding XML processing pipelines in a grammar. Maneki Neko, Xerces parser configuration that supports RELAX NG validation.

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