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Today, the organisation cares for over 51,000 wounded veterans and victims of terror, providing them with medical treatments, such as physiotherapy and hydrotherapy, sporting facilities such as wheelchair basketball, swimming, tennis, and maritime sports, as well as numerous creative and social activities designed specifically for the wounded veterans and their families.Our aim is to help all our members regain their strength and rebuild their broken bodies and souls.Today BGU has succeeded beyond expectations, with five campuses, building an academic institution that is deeply rooted in the local community whilst achieving international recognition for its inspired scholarship and thought-leading research.The University is however, far more than a collection of campuses, faculties and schools.Today Aish serves almost every high school with a sizeable Jewish population, and University Jewish Societies from Durham to Bristol.We run young professionals branches and programmes in Manchester, Hampstead, Essex and the City of London.

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Unique among Israeli universities, Ben-Gurion University (BGU) was established in 1969 as a vehicle for the social, economic and scientific transformation of the Negev.

Please help us to ensure that those who might end up living on the edge of society can be included and reach their full potential.

ATFC are a UK based charity working in local schools, and we believe that every child with emotional and/or behavioural difficulties should be entitled to some form of therapeutic intervention when needed.

AKIM provides day care centres for children and adults, around 50 residential homes, hostels and apartments in the community, employment and job placement programmes.

Regional branches throughout Israel are mostly run by volunteers or parents of children with learning difficulties and they need our support now.

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