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And, I learned that while a bento box is darling under any circumstances, it's seemingly imperative that it be outstandingly kawaii for a five-year-old in kindergarten.Ryohei cannot cook, let alone recognize another person's feelings, so until he finds out he's doing it wrong, he continues to make yucky bento boxes for Yuuto, and every day at the Cherry School, the kids gather round his desk to see what burnt offering he's forced to have to consume that day.Ryohei didn't follow the rules of the game, and Satomi didn't have the guts or the training to teach him a thing or two about what it means to live together as a family. you didn't, just say your son's piano recital is trivial!

And, while I'm on the topic of kawaii - I couldn't get over the uniform the kindergarten child had to wear.

I fell madly in love with Ryohei when, after realizing that he forgot his own son's birthday, he ran out after dark to buy something, and when none of the stores was still open, he bought packs of paper to draw train tracks, a park, a depot, and stores.

When Yuuto awoke the following morning, he peered over the railing and saw everything laid out on the floor.

I fought back the tears, but it became futile and I let it go - which caused a few, curious glances from my mother each time she passed by my room.

There were funny moments, too - like when the father & son first began to live together and Yuuto awoke early because he wet the bed.

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