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Yeah, and I'm talking about you, Chris Christie, you heartless worm Also in just the last few days Mexican jurists have indicated they are likely to proclaim personal use and cultivation of pot (but not commerce) a constitutionally protected personal freedom.

I would much rather live to a ripe old age not suffering from any particularly debilitating or painful ending, I am very thankful to live in an age where, should it become clearly too much to handle, the state will not force me to suffer for no good reason in my last months or years.

In the meantime, those same people keep putting more restrictions on tobacco and even e-cigs.

California is an authoritarian state, not libertarian.

Perhaps the fact that there are now several US states with legal marijuana will change things, but I'm skeptical about political promises.

Yeah living in California would make me suicidal, too.

His father created the Le Dain commission, and then proceeded to completely ignore the recommendations.

Andrew, Perhaps it conveyed the idea that this coast has recently been in the vanguard on some extremely important libertarian issues, while it remains well short of being a libertarian paradise in any overall sense.

In another big win for libertarianism, California recently adopted a right-to-die law.

The Canadian Supreme Court created a similar right in 2015.

Pot will be legal in a vast area of 5 million square miles, encompassing 90 to 120 million people (depending on the votes in other states.) And don't forget that Mexico moved in the direction of legalizing pot a few years ago, but was dissuaded by the Bush administration.

Polls show that 60% of young Republicans favor pot legalization, which makes the momentum seem unstoppable.

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