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A facility expansion in 2009 created even more academic opportunities for teachers, students and the larger community, and Islesboro became recognized for its innovative, hands-on curriculum with a focus on ecology, horticulture and marine science.

Just recently, Islesboro Central School won a sustainability award from the Portland Press Herald for its horticulture initiatives.

The sentencing was the result of Tatro’s conviction for two years of sexual abuse of three girls, and a very public court proceeding.

The moral, ethical and professional expectations between a school and its teacher were violated, as well as the social code between adult males and female minors.

Later in Summer 2015, the superintendent stepped down and a search began for a new one.

In mid-August — as if the wound needed more salt — a school board member was arrested during a Central Maine prostitution sting. Former school board members stood before the current board at meetings, or wrote strong letters, demanding more action by administrators.

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In this case, according to news reports, the judge chose jail as punishment.

The board responded, pledging that there would be a rebuilding of trust and openness, and saying the focus was to be on the educational program.

Eight months later, in a March interview, principal Heather Knight said the school, "is healing itself." She refers to the Tatro case as the "event." Islesboro, a 14-mile-long ribbon of land that divides East Penobscot Bay from West Penobscot Bay, is rich in history.

There is talk of resilience and recovery, and how to avoid it ever happening again.

And, there remains bitterness about the breach of trust on this small island, with its year-round population of 600.

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