Single berlin party

The NSDAP had these in their offices and they were only used on occasions for signing of documents.

They were made from good leather and have a big embossed Nazi eagle on the cover.

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is a very interesting book on Nazi propaganda with a ton of illustrations, basically demonstrating that the individual in the Reich is nothing but if all Germans are unified in the so called 'Volksgemeinschaft' they will be a force that nobody can mess with.

The book contains a long dedication and signature in ink! is a one-of-a-kind photo documentation of the work and achievements of the Nazi Party in the Gau Westfalen in which i.e. These wo artifacts in mint condition were 'liberated' by an American soldier in 1945 and sold by his granddaughter to Mark Griffith, author of two books on Adolf Hitler memorabilia who sold them a few years ago to our consignor. is the most comprehensive reference for anyone interested in the political structure of the Third Reich with all its NSDAP organizations!

was meant to be the National Socialist chronicles of a German village and its inhabitants in which Nazi martyrs and everything else of importance in relationship to the NSDAP and its sub-organizations was supposed to be documented for future generations! ALL Nazi organizations are described in detail and many important Nazi banners, NSDAP awards, uniforms, rank insignia from various Third Reich organizations, etc.

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This book was published two years before his death to honor him and his contributions to the National Socialist movement. This heavily illustrated publication is one of the finest original Third Reich books on the so called fight years and the seizure of power!is a hard to find company history book with hundreds of photos and illustrations on the company which became known worldwide for their Bayer medicine (such as Aspirin) and a lot of other products as well as for their production plants at the concentration camps Auschwitz and Birkenau!This sash probably graced the wreath that the NSDAP Ortsgruppenleiter layed down on 9 November at the monument for the fallen martyrs of the Nazi movement to commemorate their ultimate sacrifice. These are rare in any condition today is a hard to find 540-page book on the first four years of Nazi Germany and everything that had been achieved with one hundred pages of excellent photos!It comes from the collection of Mark Griffith, author of two books on Third Reich artifacts that his father, an American officer, liberated in the Obersalzberg area in May of 1945.This item will be featured in his upcoming third book and is of course offered with full money back guarantee for authenticity.

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