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The video shows O’Keefe telling Michigan poll workers that he wants to vote but has lost his driver’s license.According to Michigan law, voters who don’t have ID must present an affidavit.

As O’Keefe was on his way to claim victory with video in hand, Rose was already on the phone with the City Clerk’s Office.The unit breathes through a turbo charger and delivers a hefty 130k W of useable power with 265Nm of torque. It is also silky smooth with little or no appearance of turbo lag.Improving the ride of the new Hyundai two-wheel drive sees the introduction of updated Mcpherson struts with a stabiliser bar and a delivery from the seat of your pants of good sports type handling characteristics with a set of good dampers up front, coil springs and a multi-link set up, all add up to a piece of competent packaging for the road.With an all-new design concept the Tucson updates its desirability by a big margin if you’re into pure road style, for its smoother all purpose design was captured by Peter Schreyer to deliver a family resemblance to its bigger brother the Sante Fe.Overall the unit is a big step forwards from the older models that preceeded this turbo edition.

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